I aim to be of service to the community of humanity. I do this by:

offering intuitive tools that allow us to fully engage in the experience and experiment of being alive,

And by inviting those willing and interested into the conversation of intentional living.

It is my mission to:

  • Be of service.

  • Encourage a lifestyle of active play, both indoors and out.

  • Love fearlessly.

  • Open my heart and mind.

  • Build community.

  • Facilitate dialogue.

  • Practice ahimsa, non-violence.

  • Speak from a place of truth.

  • Act from a place of compassion.

  • Show up unapologetically as my authentic self.

  • Walk gently.

  • Begin again in the face of failure.

  • Connect with the earth and all of her inhabitants.

  • Be an advocate and an ally.

  • Work tirelessly toward the betterment of our world.

  • Radically include others.

  • Listen fully to the stories and perspectives of the humans who cross my path.

  • Release that which does not serve.

  • Educate myself, to learn as if I were to live forever.

  • Pursue new experiences.

  • Trust my intuitive self.

  • Practice gratitude.

Brave and vivacious...Spencer is journeying towards her dream of helping others.
— Maegan G.