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Soul teacher. 


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lindsey spencer dirats

The short version:

Spencer Dirats is a registered yoga teacher and certified alpine ski coach living in Salt Lake City, UT. She defines herself by her relationship with the earth, her inner self, the community of humanity, and how she aims to serve all three. Spencer is driven by her mission and works mindfully in each moment to stay true to her path as a warrior of love. Her greatest hope is to work with all who feel called to join her in ecstatically engaging with their time on this earth. In the winter, you can find her skiing in the Wasatch catching fresh lines in the greatest snow on earth or coaching youth athletes. In the warmer months, she's hiking those same lines, traveling the western US in her little red wagon, or howling at the moon in the desert. Otherwise, she's probably on her yoga mat or meditation cushion, making friends at the farmers market, singing to the bees with her guitar, or riding her fixie around town.

The Long version:

Spencer is a New England native who grew up in the woods building homes for the gnomes and making friends with the wildlife. Spencer is a professional shower singer with a flair for the creative and a close relationship with her ukulele. She got her first peek into the world of yoga when she was in high school by looking at blog photos of strong, beautiful women doing handstands on beaches before intoxicating sunsets. She laughs about it now, noting that the surface-level appeal of the visual aesthetic revealed nothing of the beauty of the practice she would develop. Spencer gently explored yoga and meditation through the use of free online classes throughout high school and college, but it wasn't until the summer after she graduated from college that she really began to dive in and do the work. That June, she attended a program called Quarter-Life Calling: Creating an Extraordinary Life in Your 20's led by Coby Kozlowski - and there was no turning back. From there sprung a passion for living to the fullest extent possible. Since then, Spencer has been vigorously pursuing opportunities to learn and practice more. She took her mindfulness practice into the classroom as a schoolteacher, and she took her yoga practice to the mountain where she coaches young skiers (as a U.S. Ski and Snowboard certified alpine coach). Spencer obtained her yoga teaching certification through Kripalu School of Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance. The farther down the path she travels, the more she learns that yoga is so much more than asana (posture practice), and the more she develops a passion for sharing that understanding with others.


human being

Spencer works with people of all ages teaching classes, offering workshops, and engaging in conversation. She has presented and led experiences in mindfulness, wellness of mind, body, and soul, and mindful dialogue. Some of her favorite work includes: writing and implementing a mindfulness curriculum for high school students, rewriting a high school leadership program to incorporate what she refers to as "the five pillars of wellness" (social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual), creating professional development workshops in various applications of mindfulness, and developing a collection of yoga programs to serve a community of teachers, leaders, artists, scholars, and athletes. She is also a consultant for U.S. Ski and Snowboard and is in the process of developing mindfulness curriculum for their coaching certification and sport education program. Now, Spencer is a Waldorf grades teacher and is heading up the middle school leadership program. Spencer's passion for intentional living and conscious communication shines through in all of her work.


Soul teaching

When Spencer asks herself, "how can I be of service," the most intuitive answer is in offering and teaching the tools for living with gratitude, awe, and compassion that she has found in living yoga and mindfulness. She is dedicated to creating community surrounding the ideals of loving with reckless abandon, fully engaging with life, and working towards life-affirming goals. She plans to continue to do this through offering classes, workshops, and programs. Spencer is fully immersed in the inquiry of what living yoga can do for all of us. Work with her one-on-one, in a community setting, or in a professional setting. See the Dive In page for more information on how you can join her on this path, check the Events page to see what's happening now, or contact her for more information.

What if you could?

A journeyer, a hiker, a skier, a minimalist, a questioner, a problem solver, a critic, a fighter, a survivor, a speaker, a listener, a goddess, a guru, an artist, an adventurist, a creator, a singer, a dancer, a romancer, a realist, an optimist, a giver, an internalizer, a believer, a thinker, a goddess.
a teacher...
The list goes on. She does and is so much good, so many things — this is what makes her a teacher of soul. Treat yourself to something unmatchable and become curious about a curious woman who shares her curiosities with the world around her. I am blessed to have such an angel in my life. She has saved me more times than I can count. Here is an individual, a gift that threads into and heals the lives that she touches.
— Corinne N.