Poem (prayer?): the wild within


I want to be weird and wild.
I want to be smeared in colors and dust and ash and light.
I want to dance fearlessly,
Love recklessly,
Howl at the moon until the stars come down from the sky and decorate my mane of lioness hair.
I want to be known for my ferocious beauty of eyes and spirit.
Let clarity and truth drip from my tongue like honey from a pine tree,
Or rain from the mountains.
I want to be the divine feminine,
I want to be mother earth embodied.
Alight with the magic and danger of the deep sea, the deep jungle,
Hot and heavy and singing silently vibrating with life,
I know this is who I am.
I have known I have known I have known.
Let it come forth from me,
And let me be met by those who fly on the same fire,
Who wave wind and water with the swirl of a fingertip,
Who dance and scream and stomp earth,
Roaring bones quaking connected with the rhythm of the ground beneath their feet.
I know that I am sinew and flesh.
I am liquid flowing over your naked skin.
I am the sunlight through the leaves
And the scrape of bark against your knees as you climb.
I am the ache in the small of your back that tells you,
You were not born to sit, you were born to fly.
I am the whisper of your intuition, soft and grinning.
I am the release of an avalanche and the fury of a monsoon,
Like the wail of a hurricane I will shriek through you and soak your very soul,
But do not be afraid.
I am the worn curves of a carved wooden bowl,
Arms wide I cradle you in my ocean dark and soothing,
The quiet sound of bubbles underwater.
I am the serenity of a bee resting on petal lips,
Like a satin ribbon taken by the breeze,
Glacial melt over rocks,
Sugar on fresh blackberries, dripping saccharine purple.
Divine knowing leaves a quiet smile in my eyes.
I relax back into the river of experience,
Taken by the current, arms thrown wide,
Drinking the water I become the water,
And this un-difference dissolves indifference,
There is a profound sameness.
All of these things that I am:
Weird and wild,
Smeared in colors and dust and ash and light,
Dancing fearlessly and loving recklessly,
Howling at the moon,
I am the divine feminine.
I am mother earth embodied.